Table Construction

In a recent fit of creativity, I built myself a table. I built it out of some "black iron" pipes and some Kee Klamps. I have pictured 2 5' lengths of pipe, 5 2' lengths and 5 18" lengths. In Kee Klamps, I have 4 3-way corner pieces and 7 T pieces. The foot pieces didn't end up fitting, so I will just pretend they weren't there:

The pipes

The fittings

Kee Klamps are a kind of simple pipe fitting that allow you to connect pipes together without dealing with pipe threading, which can be a real pain in the butt. They attach using hexbolts like this:

The fittings, in close

I used my fancy power drill with its fancy hexdriver bit to connect every together:

A drill

A drill bit

Now that all of the equipment is sorted, I can get started putting things together. First, I'll assemble two end-pieces and 3 cross pieces:

One end of the table

The other end of the table

The table cross-bars

The next step is to attach the two long pipes into one of the end pieces:

One end, with the longest pieces on

Then slide on the cross bars, making sure that the bar with the post for the fifth leg is in the middle and that the bolts on all of the pieces are pointing "down":

Cross bars on the long pieces

And then I attach the second end piece, to make sure everything stays together:

Both ends on

Using a ruler, I space out the crossbars and fasten them to the lengths:

Cross bars, properly spaced

Finally, I attach the fifth leg to the centermost crossbar:

Fifth leg attached

And I'm done!

All done!

This is a little something I put together before I had all of the parts together -- the stupid hardware store hardly keeps any of that pipe in stock, so I had to go back 3-4 times before I could get all of it. This little piece helped me learn some of the ins and outs of working with Kee Klamps, though, and so was quite helpful:


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